Canada to witness tough fight between Liberals and Conservatives

Canada is at the doorstep of a crucial election. All poll experts predict that neither Liberals nor Conservatives will cross the majority line singlehandedly. As per their forecast, the next government will be a minority government. They do not dismiss the possibility of any faction – neither Conservatives nor Liberals.

According to a report, both Conservatives and Liberals have around 31 per cent to 33 per cent support base each in the country.

It seems that the small parties in the country will have a huge say in the next government.

The main assurance of Conservatives is that they would stabilise the Canadian economy and reverse the senseless spending of the present government led by the Liberals. Meanwhile, the same that of Liberals is that they would continue their progressive governance.

The Canadian election is likely to commence within few hours. It seems that the country will witness fierce battle between Tories and Liberals.

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