Renowned free solo climber falls to death

A popular free solo climber from the United States of America, Brad Gobright, has fallen to death while he was trying to conquer a cliff.

The cliff from which the climber has fallen t0 death is situated in the northern part of the American country of Mexico.

At the time the accident has happened, another climber, named Aidan Jacobson, was with the US climber. He has also fallen from the cliff along with Mr. Gobright. Fortunately, his fall was not that serious as that of Mr. Gobright’s; he has survived the accident with minor injuries.

Mr. Gobright’s sports event is a very risky sport. It is considered as one of the risky adventure sports. Normally, in free climbing, contestants do not use any safety gears. That naturally means it has more risk than usual climbing sports event.

Actually, Mr. Gobright was very good at this sports event. As per a report, he was trying a new climbing technique in his last climb.

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