Trump denounces Macron’s remark on NATO

US President Donald Trump has denounced the provocative comment of his French counterpart, Emanuel Macron, on the future of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

Mr. Trump has called Mr. Macron’s comment ‘insulting’. He said he could see France moving away from the military cooperation organisation.

Recently, Mr. Macron called the NATO brain death. He also criticised the protectionist attitude of Mr. Trump’ US.

The heated word exchange between France and the US has come at the time the demand is high for the formation of an European army under the leadership of Germany and France.

At present, the world leaders are in the UK to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the organisation.

The organisation was formed after the World War Two – more correctly, in the early Cold War period. It was constituted the address the threat posed by the erstwhile Soviet Union, which was at that time a big threat for the liberal countries in the Europe as well as the United States.

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