100 positive news of 2018

News media often neglects positive news. Actually, positive news is as important as negative news. It is people’s response that decides which news is to be given more importance. Let’s take a pledge today that next year onwards we will approach positive news with the enthusiasm equal to one that normally comes to us when we hear about negative news.

Here are 100 postive news of 2018:


News 1

New cancer vaccine proves 100% successful in animal models

News 2

A study shows that the ozone layer is showing a promising rate of recovery.

News 3

Newly developed blood test can detect Alzheimer’s 30 years in advance.

News 4

Special bacteria is found to turn sewage waste into clean hydrogen fuel.

News 5  

Germany’s nuclear fusion machine broke a new plasma record.

News 6

Researchers developed nano-wires that mimic the function of actual neurons.

News 7

Over 100 new exoplanets have been discovered by NASA’s Kepler telescope.

News 8

Researchers developed new solar cells that capture energy from raindrops.

News 9

Scientists developed a cheap 10-minute test that can detect cancer anywhere in the body.

News 10

Six paralyzed patients regain use of their hands thanks to noninvasive spinal stimulation.


To be continued.


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