Accidental fall of containers from ship creates huge environment crisis in Europe

As many as 270 containers have fallen off the ship near the coast of Netherland. These containers have posed serious threat to the environment of the Islands located in the northern part of the Dutch, as the debris of the containers have reached the shores of these Islands in large amount.

Several environmental activists have expressed their concern over the incident. Among those reached the shores are televisions, motorbikes, shoes and many more. It is the presence of the chemicals in these containers that bothers the environmentalists the most.

The authorities have asserted that they have done everything to effectively address the issue. Several officials have been deployed in the affected regions to clean up the environment.

There are allegations that the people living in the locality have collected many undamaged goods for themselves. In that case, the people will be asked to return all those they have collected from the debris of the containers that have reached the shores.

It is less likely that the people would voluntarily return the goods. It is not practical to exert pressure over the local population to surrender the collected goods, as it may create a law and order issue.

In all senses, the concerned authorities are in serious trouble.


Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright