Actress Jane Fonda booked

Renowned United States actress Jane Fonda has been booked by the US police when she has joined a protest organised outside the famous US Capitol building by Oil Change International – the organisation which advocates of clean energy.

Apart from the actress, nearly sixteen others have been detained by the United States police. The arrested persons have been charged with crowding, incommoding and obstructing.

She said that she would come up with similar protest in future for climate. She said she was encouraged by the youths who came out fearlessly to fight for climate.

The eighty-one year old actress is not new to protest. She has been arrested several times in the past for similar cases.

What has happened in front of the US Capitol building is the part of a global movement which originated in Europe and is rapidly spreading across the world from east to west and from north to south.

In the recent past, the US, like the Europe, has witnessed several climate protests. Most of these protests have been organised by youth.

The best part about the global climate movement is that the movement now has many advocates in the third world also.

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