Again! Mob violence takes life

Mob lynching is definitely the new disease of our society. In the recent past, several mob lynching cases have been reported. The common factor seen in the majority of such cases is the role of misinformation in the violence. When the cases of mob lynching are closely observed, a conclusion can be reached: in the majority of the cases of mob lynching, the crucial factor of misinformation has played an important role to trigger the violence.

Last day, a young man, who were travelling through a rural village in Bidar towards his friend’s home to enjoy his vacation on the invitation of his friend, was brutally assaulted by a violent mob on the suspension in the eyes of local people or violent mob that he was a child lifter, even though his friend who accompanied the young man towards his village repeatedly tried to convince the mob by telling the reality.

As per a preliminary report, the only crime the deceased committed was that he tried to distribute sweets to local school children.

There are reports that for last few days a misinformation regarding the presence of a child lifter gang has been circulating in the social media platforms. It is not wrong to assume that the message prompted the locals to think that the youngsters who were distributing sweets among children were child lifters.

How can our society fight the social evils of mob violence and misinformation?


Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright