All involved in the temple ‘Prasada’ poisoning crime to be brought to justice in few days, asserts Karnataka HM

The Karnataka Home Minister, G Parameshwar, has asserted that all culprits responsible for the Kicchugatti Maramma temple tragedy would be brought to justice with in the short time frame of two or three days. He has informed the law making house of the state that at least seven people have been already booked in connection with the case. He has claimed that the investigation has been intensified to book those who escaped the village after the crime.

The Sulwadi village where the temple is located is in the southernmost district of Chamarajanagar, which was carved out of the original Mysore district.

It was a couple of days ago, the tragic incident that took at least fourteen lives occurred. Those who fell sick were those who ate the ‘Prasada’ served in the temple on that day.

Still, at least 150 people are in various hospitals across the district due to the health issues related to the alleged poisoning.

According to a preliminary investigation, the poison used to create the disaster is monocrotophos. In the farming village like Sulwadi, this chemical is not unusual.

Still, it remains unclear whether it was an accident or a criminal plot. There are allegations that it was the infightings in the village community for the leadership in the temple administration that  led to the tragedy.


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