Another victim to ‘IIT’s pressure-filled education culture’ born

There is no doubt that the Indian Institute of Technology is the most prestigious institutions located in the country. It is unfair to blindly paste allegations over this institution. Unfortunately, as the pressure-filled education culture followed in this institution creates victims mercilessly, it is the duty of the citizens to point out the reality to make them understand what is wrong in them.

Today morning, a thirty-one year old former IIT student has committed suicide after jumping from the seventh floor of a building located in the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. It seems that another victim to the IIT’s pressure-filled education culture has born.

Notably, no suicide letter has been recovered from the premises where the unfortunate incident has taken place. The authorities have claimed that at this moment they cannot clearly tell why the former IITian has committed suicide.

Earlier, there were some unverified reports that the IITs were following a pressure-filled educational culture and were disturbing the metal state of their students.

An investigation into the alleged suicide is on.

Anyway, it is the high time to think about the revamp of the educational system of the country. No curriculum which exerts pressure on those who follow it should be entertained and must be denounced as unworthy and unhealthy.



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