Apps to empower people with visually impaired

The smartphone has been a clear-sighted instrument for people with visually impaired. Making the best use of Artificial Intelligence is what the new techy team is all about.

Now reading street signs to telling the time and other physical soundings is easy. Enter the Envision and Be My Eyes app is all this and more, emphasised on diversification privacy and inclusivity.

The co-founder, Karthik Mahadevan of the app have crafted through a thesis project with a minimal design that’s easy for user experience.

It’s their college life experience that brought them the passion of making people with visually impaired more independent. Providing information is the key factor focused on easier access. With a lot of research, the two friends implemented this app. What makes Envision distinctive is the assistive technology that leads the user to live normally.

Kannan and Mahadevan explain at a school, they consider this to be a global app that has got the potential of privacy and diversity. Envision holds the advantage of translation in a different language and a lot more informative access. There is a free trial available at first.


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