Army refuses to accept the SC’s view on homosexuality and adultery, says it is conservative

Saying that it is conservative, the Indian army has refused to make changes in their legal framework in accordance to the Supreme Court’s order that decriminalises homosexuality and adultery.

When the order decriminalising homosexuality and adultery was released, many liberals celebrated it with great joy in the hope that the country’s conservative mindset would die down slowly.

The army’s latest statement proves that expectations wrong. With the country’s most powerful institution refusing to let the liberal ideas creep into it, the hard-earned victory achieved in the top court of the country is losing its relevance.

It is important to point it out that the world’s largest democracy is not among the 175 countries where it is legal for gay people to join the military, but is among the 20 highly-conservative nations where it is illegal for gay people to join the military.

The aforesaid fact itself is more than enough to conclude that there is a huge rift exists between what the Indian civil society projects as their values and what the Indian military projects as their values. Do you think it is a good phenomenon? Definitely, it is not.

What you have said is right, respected Army chief “the military law is not above the country’s law”. But, what you have omitted in your statement is: every institution works for the larger benefit of the country are abide by the constitution to make necessary changes in its internal legal framework in accordance with the changes the top court prescribes to the country’s legal framework regularly to make sure that the demands of the changing society is met responsibly even if it is not a fan of the proposed changes.


Vignesh. S. G

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