Arrested alleged AgustaWestland middleman granted consular access

Christian Michel, one of the three alleged middlemen of controversial AgustaWestland deal besides Guido Haschke and Carlo Gerosa, has been granted consular access by the Indian government.

He has been languishing in the Tihar jail since he was brought back to India from the Middle East where he was hiding for decades.

Since the day he was brought to India, Briton has been requesting India to grand consular access to its citizen.

Originally, Mr. Michel is the citizen of Briton, through at the time of the arrest he was settled in the Middle East.

There are rumours that Briton was opposed to the Middle East’s move to extradite Mr. Michel to India. Britons might have asked the Middle East authorities to send its citizens back instead of sending him to India.

It is assumed that it is the personal relation some of the senior Indian politicians share with the rulers of the Middle East that helped India to convince the Middle East not to give in to the Briton’s pressure.

Mr. Michel is said to have cordial relation with many senior political leaders –now, in the opposition faction.

Political observers view the arrest as a tactical strategy to defend the country’s leadership from the Rafale issue.


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