Battle for a Change: Govt Vs Private schools

Many experts think India needs a revamp in its educational sector. That revamp can be easily achieved if each state government of the country gives adequate attention to improve the facilities of its public schools.

Actually, Indian public schools have all facilities, such as talented teachers, competent infrastructure and skilled policy makers, to emerge as a facilitator of the required change. But, yet, it has never made a sincere attempt to execute it. Nowadays, students select private schools over public schools.

An investigation done by a journalist working in an International media house proves that the number of private schools operating in the country is increasing day by day. It exposes that the medium used to teach the students plays a vital role in the reduction of the number of students enrol in public schools. It observes those private schools which teach in English attract students more than the public schools which teach in the vernacular languages.

The journalist also indentifies that there is a general feeling prevailing in the Indian society that private schools have more overall standard than public schools.

Every state government should identify these issues. Our public schools have huge potential to contain the threat posed by the public schools.

It is important to note that the states like UP have already implemented some measures to improve the quality of public schools and reduce the number of private schools.




Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright