Bharat Bandh largely peaceful

The Bharat Bandh organised by the opposition parties to protest against the issue of consistently raising fuel price has peacefully reached its last phase.

The congress party and the leftist parties have separately called on the national strike, evidently demonstrating the huge rift exists between the two prime sections in the opposition.

Many national parties have supported the Bandh. The JDU, SP, DMK, RJD and the Maharashtra Navanirman Sena are the prime political parties which have supported the national-wide Bandh.

It is to be noted that some political parties have even stayed out of the bandh. The AAP, BJD, Shiv Sena and the YMC have stayed away from the Bandh.

It is not clear why the political parties like the TMC and AAP which regularly criticise the central government for its fuel policy have stayed away from the Bandh.

In the initial phase of the Bandh, some violence has been reported from across the country. The timely interference of the police forces has averted any possibility of a serious crisis.

Will the Bandh prompt the central government to reconsider its fuel policy? What can’t the authorities contain the rapid increase in the fuel price? What kinds of interventions the centre should make to find a long term solution to the fuel price issue?


Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright