Big Bank Crisis in Pakistan

Several millions of Rupees have been stolen from the Pakistan banks as the accounts of tens of thousands of Pakistanis have been compromised.

Some banks operating in the country, including the Bank Islami, have stopped their online payment system.

At this moment, it remains unclear how many people have lost money as part of the big robbery allegedly facilitated by the hack of bank information.

There are reports that some banks are trying to conceal the fact that their accounts have been compromised in order to make sure that their credibility among their customers is not lost.

The Pakistani authorities have launched an investigation into the hack. So far, no information has been released about the investigation.

Meanwhile, a former scientist who recently retired from the service has approached the top court of the country with a complaint that nearly 3 million Rupees have been stolen from his account.

It is the most severe cyber attack the Pakistani banks have ever experienced in their history. Pakistan may require external help to overcome the crisis.

Anyway, the Pakistan authorities have not yet requested any kind of external help on this issue. From the preliminary reports, it can be assumed that the country’s central bank is of the opinion that the hack is not a serious one in nature.


Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright