Billionaire Michel Bloomberg set to join US presidential race

Billionaire Michel Bloomberg, who is a former Mayor of New York City, is set to join the race to become the official candidate of the Democrat camp in the next year’s US presidential election.

Where he has entered is a crowned stage of hopefuls. Already, more than sixteen people are there in the stage hoping to become the face of the Democrat camp. Joe Biden is the leading contender.

The business tycoon has not yet responded about the report. Anyway, those close to Mr. Bloomberg have confirmed the report. They said that the former Mayor was worried about the lack of powerful political leaders in the race. They added that his decision was intended to give a powerful face against US President Donald Trump, who is the Republican camp’s face, in the next year’s presidential race.

It is important to get a charismatic figure as the face of the Democrat camp. At this moment, Mr. Trump is at his weakest point. Now, he does not enjoy as much support he enjoyed during his previous presidential bid.

This is a best opportunity for the Democrat. In short, the ball is on the hand of the Democrat now. Only thing that they have to do at this juncture is to select a proper candidate.

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