‘Bishops, priests sexually abused nuns’ not baseless allegations, indirectly admits Pope

The top most leader of Catholic Church, Pope Francis, indirectly admitted that the allegation that bishops and priests sexually abused nuns were not baseless. He said that it was one of the serious issues the church faced in the recent history. He claimed that the church was very worried about the issue, but asserted that the Catholic system was very sincere to find a solution to the issue.

The pontiff pointed out that not all congregations and regions were vulnerable to this issue. He claimed that the congregations created recently and those in certain regions were only susceptible.

The church’s admission is viewed as a sincere effort to confront the issue that has been hunting the entire system for decades. This is the first time a Pope has courageously come forward to address the issue of sexual harassment. It is hoped that the church will address the issue directly in the near future.

Pope Francis is very different compared to his predecessors. His views and actions help the Catholic system to escape from the prison of strict conservatism.

It is to be noted that it is the wrong action of a few is damaging the image of the majority of sincere priests and bishops in the system which is completely devoted to serve humanity and has been doing it sincerely for generations.



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