BJP chief quips the opposition’s incapability to project a leader as its face

Expressing happiness in the availability of a leader to project as the face of the party in the upcoming general election, BJP chief Amit Shah has quipped the incapability of the opposition to project a leader as its face.

Mr Shah, while speaking about the recent opposition rally, has said that the opposition had at least nine PM aspirants.

This is not the first time a BJP leader has exposed the opposition’s failure to reach consensus on who will be the face of the front if they decides to approach the general election together.

The allegation indicates clearly what will be the main campaign strategy of the ruling front. Undisputedly, with a charismatic leader as the face, the saffron camp has already gone far ahead.

Experts observe that once the campaign reaches its peak, the opposition will feel the heat of that disadvantage.

It does not mean that if the opposition does not declare someone as the face today or tomorrow, it will not win the election.

The present opposition is a loosely packed group. Its only commonality is its rivalry against the saffron camp; in fact, some in the opposition even has no such feeling against the ruling.

In this scenario, both situations are equally harmful. The best way is to confront the politics of centralism with decentralism.


Vignesh. S. G

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