Braun sends emotional letter to Taylor Swift

Scooter Braun, who is a former manager of popular singer Taylor Swift, has written an emotional letter to the singer.

In the open letter posted in his social media handle, he has shared the unfortunate experience he has faced due to some irresponsible comments made against him by the singer.

Earlier, Ms. Taylor accused Mr. Braun of bullying her and preventing her from singing her old albums.

Mr. Braun said that he received a threat note threatening him and his family members of death by the name of the singer.

He has requested the singer to be caution while making public comments. He has reminded the singer about the depth of love her fans have. 

He sees the threat note as an after-effect of the irresponsible comments made by the singer against him.

Ms. Taylor is a renowned American singer. She has several hits by her name. She has numerous fans in the US, as well as across the world.

The relation between Mr. Braun and Ms. Taylor soured recently. Since then, the things are in a state of disorder between them.

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