BSP refuses to join hands with Congress in Rajasthan

In a major political development, the Bahujan Samaj Party has declined to join hands with the Congress party in Rajasthan as the grand old party has refused to succumb before the BSP’s pressure tactics to earn at least twenty seats to contest in the state assembly election with the support of the biggest opposition party of the state.

It is learned that the Congress leaders were not willing to give more than nine seats to the Dalit party, which has significant influence in the state, because of the over confidence that they could wrist victory in the election without the support of any political organisation in the state.

Meanwhile, there are assumptions that had the BSP been offered the exact amount of seats it asked even then they would have walked away from the congress camp by citing other reasons as the Dalit party, with this move, aimed to increase its bargaining power in the possible grand coalition in the belts, where they are powerful, in the upcoming general election.

Are there any other implications to this political development? Has the Congress Party failed to project themselves as a well-respected opposition leader? Will they be able to lead the possible grand alliance in the general election? Comment.


Vignesh. S. G

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