California man sense early he is dying from a doctor on the robot video response

The family of the man was devastated when the robot machine came into the intensive care unit by a video call of the doctor and said the 78-year-old patient would likely pass away within days.
Ernest Quintana’s family knew about the severity of his illness while they were taking him to the hospital by the ambulance. Ernest Quintana passed away on Tuesday after two days after being taken to the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center emergency department in Fremont.

However, the message through the robot devastated his daughter and she said on Friday ‘If you are coming to tell us normal news, that’s fine but if you are coming to tell us there is no lung left and we want to put you on a morphine drip until you die, it has told by a human being and not a machine.
Senior vice president Michelle Gaskill homes of Kaiser Permanente Southern Alameda realm stated the circumstance highly unusual and said officials “regret falling short” of the patient’s expectations.

The hospital states its use of telemedicine was to follow up to earlier physician visits, Gaskill Hames said in a note response. “It doesnt substitute previous conversations with patient and family members and was not used in the delivery of the initial diagnosis.” Hospital authorities state the technology doesn’t substitute in-person communications with the patient and dear ones.


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