Central Agency to investigate Tripura journalist murder cases

The recently elected BJP-led Tripura government, which came to power in the state defeating the decades old leftist government, has informed the media personals attended in a press conference that the Central Bureau of Investigation would investigate the cases related to the mysterious deaths of two journalists in the state.

Both journalists were killed in late last year in two different incidences. The deaths of the journalists triggered several state wide protests. The then CPM led government appointed a Special Investigation Team to probe the deaths. Though some arrests were made by the SIT, the Forum for Protection of Journalists -the journalist organisation which tirelessly campaigned for the creation of a special investigation- alleged that the SIT failed to bring the actual perpetrators of the crimes before the judicial system.

The BJP used the murder of journalists as a political weapon during its political campaigns in the state. The investigation of central agency into the cases registered in connection with the mysterious murder of journalists was the prime assurance made by the rightist party during the campaign to the Tripura people.

With the new declaration, the Tripura saffron government has created an image in the state that the party which rules the state at present is very keen about keeping its words made during the election campaigns.

Will the central investigations affect the leftists?



Vignesh. S. G

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