Centre aims to wrist the support of rural with sops

The central government has recently decided to hike the pension rates of elderly, widows and disabled people. There are reports that similar policies are likely to be released in the near future. Clearly, the centre aims to appeal the rural population of the country with such policies. Undisputedly, it is the recent assembly election results that have reminded the centre of the importance of rural population.

The last time the pension rates were revered was in the year 2007. That reversal was not that impressive. Yet, the issue never surfaced in any discussion table.

In the last four years, the centre has also continued that unimpressive rates. It is not the reversal that is to be questioned. It is the timing of that reversal that warrants the attention of public.

A renowned political analyst once said: “if you want to accurately and sensibly evaluate the performance of a government by its contributions to the public through its policies, evaluate the performance of the first two or three years of the government, not its last three or four months.”

What India lacks at present is a political camp which worries more about the welfare of common people, than the expansion of its electoral appeal.


Vignesh. S. G

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