Centre, it seems, tries to push students though a test of nationalism

Are you a true nationalist? Then, prove it! These aforesaid comments are what the centre indirectly asks us when it launches each and every, so called, nationalist policies.

This time also, there is no difference. When the UGC, which functions under the central government or operates at the behest of the central government, has directed the universities to celebrate the Surgical Strike Day on September 29, the day the Indian army launched a brave attack on the terrorist posts located near the Indo-Pak border in retaliation to the disastrous attack conducted on the Indian posts located near the border, a task of testing the nationalism of students has been indirectly bestowed on the universities. Don’t you feel so?

Do we need to prove someone we are true nationalists? The least known fact is that those who cry for the concept of nationalism now was not even a part of our true nationalist movements which originated out of our genuine desire to achieve freedom from the suppressive forces of colonials.

Notably, the latest directive released by the UGC also directs the universities to collect a letter declaring his/her loyalty to the Indian army from each and every student.

Why should one give that? What the government want us to prove?


Vignesh. S. G

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