Centre strongly objects TN’s move to release RG assassination convicts in SC

The central government has sent a communication to the top court of the country, clearly expressing its objection to the Tamil Nadu state government’s move to release the Rajiv Gandhi assassination convicts.

Earlier, nearly two years ago, the central government blocked the Tamil Nadu’s move to release nearly seven prisoners languished in the state prison in connection with the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. That conflict between the TN state government and the central government triggered a serious debate on the question whether the state government has any right to grand remission to the convicts punched in the cases investigated by the central authorities which function under the central law. The question resonated loudly in the society until the top court ordered that the state must reach an agreement with the central authority before taking decision on such issues.

This is the first time that the central government has made an official communication in connection with the issue of the remission of the RG assassination convicts.

Nearly, two years ago, the TN government asked the central government for their opinion in the issues.

The central government’s response has come only after the Supreme Court directed it to make an official response in the issue.


Vignesh. S. G

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