Centre’s lack of interest to release NSSO’s report on unemployment questioned

The central government’s lack of interest to release the report of National Sample Survey Office on raising unemployment has been questioned by several popular economic experts.

Recently, a national daily reported that the rate of unemployment touched its record height this year. The report indicated that the present unemployment rate was much higher than the rate of unemployment around five or six years ago.

The experts have demanded the immediate release of the original NSSO report on raising unemployment.

Most of them consider it as a clear indication on how irresponsibly the present government handles the sensitive report which requires immediate intervention.

Last day, Congress president Rahul Gandhi criticised the central government for its failure to make any progress in the important task of creating new job opportunities in the country.

During the 2014 general election campaign, the BJP-led NDA’s biggest assurance was that it would create at least two crores new job opportunities in the country every year.

It seems that the Congress may raise the question of unemployment as a sharp weapon against the BJP in the upcoming General Election campaigns.

What the Congress tries is to convince the electorate that it is the failed policies of the NDA such as the demonetisation and GST that have reduced the job opportunities in the country.

If the saffrons want to overcome this crisis, they have to formulate a convincing narrative capable enough to make the electorate believe that whatever the NDA has done is for the good of the Indians and the citizens will get the benefit of the front’s policies in the near future itself in the form of new employment opportunities and more such benefits.


Vignesh. S. G

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