Chile protest turns violent

The protest, erupted in the Latin American country of Chile over the proposed hike in the ticket prices of metro, has turned violent.

The protest has seen the participation of students and youngsters in high numbers. The participants of the protest have caused serious damages to several public properties including a police van.

The Chile police have responded to the protesters violently. They have used all methods possible to suppress the protest.

Several people have been booked in connection with the protest. Notably, most of those who have been arrested are youngsters.

Chile is one of the wealthiest countries in the Latin American region. It is also where the economic inequality is at its peak.

The present generation of the country is unhappy with the accumulation of the wealth of the nation in the hands of few privileged ones.

They want a thorough economic revamp in the way that supports the distribution of the wealth of the nation fairly for all its citizens.

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