China plays ‘hostage diplomacy’ on Canada

Shortly after Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou, who is a Chinese national, had been booked by Canada, China arrested two Canadians on the serious charge of espionage.

The Canadians have been denied all the basic rights, including the right to consular access. A year has passed since their detention. Till now, the Canadians have not been allowed to speak to their relatives at least once.

Though China claims that the arrest of the Canadians has no connection with the arrest of Huawei executive, there are enough reasons to be that what Chine tries is a shameful ‘hostage diplomacy’.

China is not new to that. It has done this in the past with many western countries, even with the United States – its prime competitor.

One of the Canadians, who is under the custody of China, is a former diplomat. And, the other is a businessman.

The family members of the Canadians are really upset about the issue. They have decried for using their beloved ones as a pawn.

Hostage diplomacy is a foreign policy tactics. It is often played to get a hostage exchange done smoothly.

China may want Canada to reach an agreement with them related to their executive to initiate a dialogue on the matter of the arrested Canadians.

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