China’s Hong Kong silencing continues

It seems that the Chinese government is determinant to silence any voice that points their hand against the country’s authority in Hong Kong, the region which was formerly under the western control and was recently handed over to the communist country.

The latest of the eastern powerhouse’s show of their determination is their attempt to deny those activists who campaign for the autonomy of the Asian trade hub their right to participate in the democratic process of elections using flimsy grounds.

Lau Siu-lai is one of those who have suffered the ire of China in this form. The government have announced that she was not qualified to participate in the Hong Kong election process which would begin on November 25. The election authority has clearly stated that it was her unconditional support to the self-determination of Hong Kong that made her ineligible for the election process.

China, it seems, aims to give a clear message with this move that they are not willing to accommodate any activist who supports the self-determination of Hong Kong in the parliament of the region as a elected member.

Earlier, Ms Lau was stripped of her elected position due to almost same reason. How long China can supper Hong Kong using their iron fist?


Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright