Chinese marriage scam busted

A Hong Kong girl was invited by a suspicious company to China, offering her a lucrative job of wedding planner. Once she reached the country, she was advised to undergo a mock marriage as part of her training for the job she was supposed to do for the company. She happily agreed to the demands and successfully undergone the training session. She was very happy for that success.

But, her happiness did not last long. When she returned to her homeland, she learned from a friend that whatever the company told her about the marriage ceremony she was part of might have been wrong. To her ultimate disappointment, her friend was right. She was tricked into a sham marriage and now is in an unhappy position to apply through the time consuming legal facilities for the purpose of divorce.

The most unfortunate thing is that she doesn’t even know who her husband is and where she should reach for the documents necessary to apply for the divorce.

The issue has unearthed the biggest sham marriage racket this part of the world has ever witnessed. The reality that those Chinese persons who marry Hong Kong people are eligible to seek a permanent residence in the wealthy city of Hong Kong is most probably the fuel that is nourishing the sham marriage business.

Now, the illicit process of sham marriage is the most fearful thing for a Hong Kong citizen. The unfortunate thing is that in most of such cases the legal system of this part of the world are not able to intervene as those behind the illicit business make sure that there are no loopholes for the law to create a hindrance to their business.

Do you think that the culture of sham marriage in return of a citizenship or residence permit only exists in China and Hong Kong?



Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright