Citizenship (Amendment) Bill reaches parliament, amidst growing protest against it in Assam

The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016, which is considered as an anti-indigenous bill by several states located in the north-eastern region of India –primarily, Assam, has reached the Indian parliament today –a day after it was cleared by the union cabinet, amidst growing tension across the north-eastern region –particularly in the state where the Assamese people are found in large numbers- against the bill, which, as per the belief of most of those who are against the bill, is aimed to change the demography of the state to that extent in which the indigenous identity is less easy to be recognised.

The north-eastern states are observing an 11-hour shutdown today. It is in Assam where its effort is severe. Most indigenous organisations, including the All Assam Students’ Union, are taking part in the strike.

Some minor cases of violence have been reported from the region. A BJP office in the region has been partially damaged by some unidentified personals. It remains unclear whether the attack has been carried out over this issue or not.

Several regional allies of the saffron party has threatened to severe their ties with the BJP, as those with extreme regional mindset –on which the regional parties rely for their survival – has expressed their dissatisfaction over the BJP’s policies publically.

The development is likely to test the BJP’s capability to survive in the region without the strength of the indigenous political players. If the rightists win this test, nothing can block its triumph in the region in the near future.

Why is the BJP very hurry to implement the bill? Do you smell any ‘politricks’?


Vignesh. S. G

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