Collecting the past

People love past. It is their love to the past that prompt them to collect antiques. Each antique opens a different window towards the past. In that sense, collecting antiques is equivalent to collecting the past.

Those who show interest to collect antiques are those who respect and love the past, which is where what that makes what they are now exists.

Renowned cosmetologist Dr. Monson Mavunkal is a prominent antique collector. In his collection, there are several precious antiques. Most of them are priceless. The first edition of bible, the paintings of acclaimed painters such as Raja Ravi Varma and Pablo Picasso, the books used by ancient rulers such as Aurangzeb and Tippu Sultan, old holy books and documents are some of the valuable items the doctor has in his collection.

From the interviews he has given to the media persons, it is clear that he is very proud of his collection and will do whatever he can to collect as many antiques as possible in the future.

Each antique he has is special. It proves that he is very sincere in what he does. His polite answer to those who prices his antiques that his collections are private and not for sale proves that he is very passionate in his hobby.


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