Congress condemns Indian-origin Canadian scholar’s arrest

Reminding the present ruling regime that even though it had serious difference of opinion with several activists, they never tried to stifle their voice while they were in power, a senior congress leader has strongly condemned the arrest of an Indian-origin Canadian scholar who was arrested in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu for allegedly raising slogan against the BJP.

The fact that the arrest was made on the complaint filed by a senior BJP leader is the reason why the issue have invited national significance.

Several intellectuals, who were already angry with the BJP due to its national wide clampdown on activists, have rightly used the opportunity to shower more criticism over the powerful national party.

The Congress is not the only political party which have criticised the BJP for its stand in the issue of the scholar’s arrest. The communist parties and, even, the regional parties, such as the DMK, have come forward with strong criticism.

The more sensitive issue is that the BJP’s national leaders have not yet delivered any satisfactory statements about the issue even after the issue have triggered a national wide debate in several forums. Is that the clear expression of the rightist party’s arrogance?

Anyway, the scholar has been provided the relief of bail. As per a legal expert, the case is less likely to stand in the court.

Is the act of criticising the nation or the government which rules it a serious crime?


Vignesh. S. G

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