‘Congress Mukt Bharat’ no longer helpful slogan for BJP

The ruling rightist party has faced humiliating defeat in all the five states that went to polls recently. The sad reality is that at least three of the five states in which the saffron party have suffered serious setbacks located in the Hindi heartland, where the BJP enjoys enormous support base for many reasons. Actually, there is no surprise in the poll result. Most of the exit poll and pre poll surveys have predicted the same. A Congress leader, while speaking about the preliminary election trend, has rightly said that it is what happens when a political party ignores the importance of a powerful opposition. In a way, that is right. Since its induction, the conservative party has been aggressively campaigning for the elimination of its prime rivals, including the grand old party. Its governing model is more akin to dictatorship, than to democracy. That has even reflected in its political slogans: ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’. Actually, the present crushing defeat is not a blow to the saffron camp, but a clear remainder –thus, a boon. It is high time for the rightist party to realise that nothing better they can expect in the upcoming general election if it continues to progress in the way it does at this moment. Surely, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the most powerful candidate for the PM post. But, certainly, the saffron camp may not get the benefit of that advantage until and unless the rightist starts to think beyond cow protection, Ayodhya temple and similar rightist gimmicks.


Vignesh. S. G

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