Dawn-to-dusk hartal hits public life in Kerala severely

A dawn-to-dusk hartal announced by a prominent Hindu devotees organisation works for the good of Sabarimala devotees has affected the public life in the Indian state of Kerala badly.

The state transport department has stopped all their services. No vehicle, except two wheelers, is seen in the roads.

Almost all shops and business centres remain closed. Most universities and institutions have postponed the examinations they are supposed to conduct today.

Fortunately, no serious violence has been reported. The organisers have either conducted or are preparing to conduct marchers and demonstrations across the country.

It is the government’s surprise move to help two women of menstruating age to enter the premises of famous hill temple Sabarimala, where the entry of women aged between 10 and 50 is banned traditionally, and where the entry of women of all ages is permitted legally, on the day it has organised the, so called, historic women’s wall for the protection and propagation of renaissance values that has triggered the sudden outburst of protest across the state for the protection of traditions, on which the ruling, it seems, has little respect.

A powerful national party has announced its complete support to the dawn-to-dusk hartal announced by the Sabarimala Ayyappa devotees organisation.

It remains crystal clear that in each and every move related to the temple there is the element of politics. Don’t let politicians deceive us! Indentify those who are eager to turn the issue into an open battle between the political left and right. Try to understand why they are into it.

All facts are in public domain. As very few are there to show that to you, it is not an easy task for us to search for it ourselves. But, noting is impossible. Try it!


Vignesh. S. G

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