DMK supremo Stalin attacks BJP

Denouncing the kind of politics the saffron party, which rules the central government, follows and preaches, DMK leader M K Stalin asserts that his party is totally against the one nation, one language, one party and one leader system the BJP tries to establish.

He alleges that there is a deliberate attempt by a powerful political organisation to project the DMK as an anti-Hindu and anti-God political party. The DMK leader has not mentioned clearly who is behind such an attempt. But, it is assumed that the Dravidian leader targets to project the saffron regime as a political opponent of the Dravidian political system and ideologies nourished and propagated by the DMK through his allegation.

The upcoming general election is very crucial in the history of the southern state of Tamil Nadu. The first priority of all those who stand with the Dravidian politics is the prevention of the infiltration of the Hindi-belt political ideologies into the Dravidian heartland –at least, the political tactics Mr Stalin adopts at this moment says so.

The DMK is at present a re-emerging political front. In the changed political scenario, it holds more significance than any other political party which preaches the Dravidian ideologies.

Will Mr Stalin’s attempt to project the DMK as the defender of Dravidian land get him huge benefits in the upcoming election?


Vignesh. S. G

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