Dutch court orders to send back two Armenian child asylum seekers, refusing to listen to the plea made by their friends

The issue of child migrants is not an easy one. It is one of the issues that the European countries have not yet found a concrete solution. On this issue, each European country has a different opinion. Those countries view through a German prism have a pro-migrant mindset and others have an anti-migrant mindset.

Undisputedly, Netherlands is not the one which has a friendly approach to migrants like Germany. This fact has become more evident when its court has denied the permission to two Armenian children to continue to stay in the country.

Though the children’s friends and the organisations which work for the protection of child migrants have erected a defence wall around the two kids in the form of the protests seeking the legalisation of their stay in the country, the court have ordered that the children should be send back to their respective countries (that is, Armenia).

The Dutch government has also indicated that they would not overturn the court’s ruling, pointing out the fact that the country in which their mother belongs is a safe country.

What are the implications of the Netherlands’ court ruling on the future of similar cases pending in different courts across the Europe?


Vignesh. S. G

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