E-pharmacies expand rapidly, despite ban

Despite ban on the sales of drugs through online platforms, the e-pharmacy business in the country, particularly in the metro cities of the country, is rapidly growing day by day. It is the convenience factor that plays a crucial role in this growth. In the e-platform, it is far more easy to buy drugs than the retail platform. It is in the case of rare drugs that the maximum benefit is received; in that case, it considerably reduces the time spend for searching the rare ones.

The e-platform is not trouble free. The lack of proper regulatory mechanism makes this platform highly vulnerable to troubles. The chances for getting low quality drugs is said to be very high when it is purchased from the e-platform, than it is purchased from the retail platform. The digital platform is where the majority of the unlawful business in connection with the industry now takes place. It is hustle free to buy unlawful drugs from the online platform, than from the retail platform.

It seems that the longer it takes for the authorities to articulate a framework to regulate the e-pharmacy platform the higher the damage it makes.

If the hints that have been leaked from the ministry which deals with the medicine and its sales are worth trustable, all steps necessary to articulate a framework to regulate the e-pharmacy platforms has been taken already and the law will be released soon.


Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright