Economic backward quota bill challenged in SC

A bill aimed to provide ten per cent reservation for economically-backward people in general quota in jobs and educational institutions has been challenged in the top court of the country, on the ground that the bill violates the basic feature of the constitution.

The Youth For Equality organisation, the petitioner who has failed the petition against the proposed reservation, has argued that the economic element cannot be a sole basis for reservation.

The petitioner has further argued that reservation on the basis of economic condition cannot be limited to a certain section of society.

The bill, which was presented in the parliament a day before yesterday, has get the nod of both houses of parliament by yesterday evening. In both houses, it triggered heated debates.

In both houses, the opposition questioned the haste with which the bill was presented. The opposition termed it as a politically motivated move. They alleged that it was an attempt to impress the upper caste electorate ahead of the general election.

Political observers say that it does little benefit to the BJP, politically. They justify their argument on the basis that the section of the electorate the BJP tries to appeal with this policy is their traditional vote base. They points out that the victory of the BJP in the next general election largely depends on its capacity to appeal those sections which stand outside its traditional circle of influence.


Vignesh. S. G

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