EU observers cast doubts on the authenticity of Pak Elections

Indirectly supporting the allegations made by the PML-N and PPP political parties, which performed far less better than the general expectation in the Pakistan general election, that the country’s military put its effort to change the course of election in favour of the PTI party, which marked an astounding performance in the election, the European Union election observers to Pakistan, which came to the country to monitor the election process, has casted serious doubts about the trustworthiness of the general election taken place in the nuclear powered, Muslim dominated, country in Asia.

When the election result was declared, the PTI emerged as the single largest party with nearly 117 seats. Notably, the PML-N won less than 64 seats and the PPP wristed little more than 43.

The PML-N, the ruling party, is the one which suffered the biggest damage during the election. In many of its strongholds, it preformed far less well than the popular expectation.

Anyway, with the present seat share, the PTI is less likely to form a government independently. As per a latest updates, the PTI, the pro-military hardliner party, is expected to gain the support of several independents and a hardliner party, which grabbed less than ten seats.

In the 297 member Pakistan parliament, the party which comes forward for the position at the helm must prove that they enjoy the support of at least 149 members.

Who will rule Pakistan?


Vignesh. S. G

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