Europe police launches massive operation against notorious drug mafia Ndrangheta

The police officials of several European countries have conducted raids simultaneously in various locations across the continent where the most notorious drug mafia Ndrangheta have been operating with the state of impunity for several years.

Nearly ninety people have been arrested in the raids conducted mainly in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Italy.

Primary, the operation has focused the cafes and ice-cream parlours used by the criminal gang for their illicit business.

It is said that most of these business centres have involved in the money laundering activities and sales of the gang’s products for the gang.

As per a latest report, several top members of the gang have been arrested in the operation. The names of those arrested in the raids have not been released yet.

It is the most high profile operation the European police have undertaken in the recent history. The brilliant effort taken to coordinate with several forces operate in different part of the continent under different government for the swift operation is highly appreciable. It clearly shows how efficient the European police forces are. Given the fact that the gang has many supporters even among the government, a small mistake could have spoiled the operation.

Ndrangheta handles nearly eighty per cent of the continent’s cocaine business. It has at least six thousand active members.



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