Europe to experience highest ever atmospheric temperature

The dangerous problem of climate change has been creating serious difficulties across the world for last few decades. Unfortunately, only recently, the world has identified the magnitude of the crisis, and formulated an International strategy (the Paris Climate Accord) to contain the disastrous problem of climate change. For the aforementioned reason, the world has, in the recent past, several times, faced serious failures in the front of climate crisis.

The most developed continent of the world, Europe, is, at present, facing one such climate change crisis: the unusual rise in the atmosphere temperature of Europe.

If the things move in this phase, the temperature of certain regions in Europe will hit its ever highest level. At present, the highest atmosphere temperature the continent has ever experienced is nearly 48 Celsius.

Some experts have predicted that there is almost forty per cent chance for the continent to experience a high temperature of more than 48 Celsius within a couple of days.

The country of the continent which has experienced the most pathetic situation in terms of the rise in the atmosphere temperature is Greece. The capital of that country, Athens, has already crossed the mark of 45 Celsius. Portugal is also equally vulnerable as that of Greece.

The forest fire, the dangerous natural disaster which usually accompanies with the issue of the rise in temperature, is reported in several regions across the Europe. At this juncture, the situation is under control. If the temperature continues to rise like this, it will create serious difficulties to the existence of human life.

It is high to act against the serious natural crisis of climate change. Don’t you think so?


Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright