Ex-DySP accused of a murder case that shocked Kerala found dead

Former Neyyatinkara DySP B Harikumar, who is the prime accused in the road-rage related murder case of Sanal Kumar, has been found dead hanging at his home located on the outskirts of the capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum.

The recovery of the suspended police official’s dead body has ended the inter-state search operation initiated to arrest the officer who allegedly escaped from the venue after the murder allegedly with the help of his close associate.

No other incident has tainted the image of the police force of the state in the recent past as much as the murder of Mr Harikumar has done.

As per the case, the suspended DySP pushed the victim in front of a speeding vehicle. There are many eye witnesses in the case. Most of them have unanimously said that the officer purposefully pushed the victim.

In the initial stage of the search operation, the authorities received serious criticism as they have failed to prove it wrong the feeling that those searching for the culprit are those who are protecting him.

The inability of the police to trace the escaped culprit prompted many political organisations including the prime opposition parties of the state such as the Congress and BJP and the communal organisations such as the VSDP to launch serious agitation against the government, and the victim’s wife to start a hunger strike at the spot where the brutal murder of her husband had took place.



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