Federal-state friendship sacrificed at the altar of selfish power struggle

The makers of Indian constitution was very particular that the federal and states should maintain a cordial relation with each other. Their thoughts found place in the constitution, certainly.

What the nation witnessed last day disturbs everyone who stands by what our visionary forefathers stood for.

In the Indian state of West Bengal, an unprecedented standoff between the West Bengal state police, which comes under the direct control of the state government, and the Central Bureau of Investigation, which takes orders only from the central government, occurred last day.

It took no time to attract the attention of politicians into that issue. West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee, a prime PM aspirant, was the first one to emerge as a protector of the state police –thus the, so called, state interest.

Given the fact that the original cause for the standoff was the CBI’s attempt to question a senior police officer of West Bengal in connection with a serious scam in which the WB CM’s party leaders were allegedly involved, the narrative projected by the WB government lost its credibility in the initial stages itself.

What the WB CM now tries to convince the leaders of the proposed opposition front is that she is being purposefully hunted as the central fears her emergence as the face of the proposed front against charismatic Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The WB CM has started a sit-in dharma in her state. A source says that most opposition leaders have been invited to the venue. The intentions are clear from that.

In this juncture, the most selfish, self hurting and immature move the opposition front can make is to rally behind the TMC.

In that front, the BJP shows a clear sign of maturity. It could have easily interpreted the move as the war of a state against the centre and imposed a direct rule in the state. It is their maturity and brilliance that prevent them from falling into that trap. It seems the ruling wants the judicial system to find a solution in the issue.

Definitely, in the issue, the centre is going to taste the ultimate victory. No judicial system is going to support the attempt to destabilise the core concept on which the entire system is placed.

Who will benefit from the latest political developments in the state of West Bengal, the third front or the Saffron front?


Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright