Fire break out Bandipur Tiger Reserve

A higher fire has broken out in the forest locale of the Bandipur Tiger Reserve on Saturday. Hundreds of acres destroyed. The fire began on Thursday and continued to spread for two days in spite of all the efforts of fire fighting officials who are on the place.

Hundred of officials around the clock tries to reduce the flames and forest department help of local residents including tribals. The damage is extremely bad since the fire has spread to the midst of the forest areas. Deer were seen running away from the fire. This is also breeding season for reptiles and there are more animals suffered from the fire.

Tourists who visit Bandipur were held at the check-post at the entrance to the reserve due to the spread of the fire. From several years, significant forest fires have occurred in Bandipur in the month of February in 2017, 2016 and 2014 destroying thousands of acres of the wooded locale in Bandipur.


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