Foolishness in waiting for ‘Priyanka era’

To those Congressmen who are waiting for the commencement of ‘Priyanka era’, there is a humble message: the arrival of a new figure from the Nehru family is not the solution for all the miseries you suffer now. What you suffer is the natural outcome of your ignorance and irresponsibility. The moment you understand it, your party’s rebirth happens.

Last day, a news report reached the Indian electorate like a thunder. The news report was about the arrival of a new political leader into the turbulent political hemisphere of India –in reality, the official arrival of the leader (as that leader was always around the political hemisphere, but behind the heavily guarded curtain). Actually, if the lady who arrived was not Priyanka Gandhi, the news might not have achieved this news value. In most Congress strongholds, there were celebrations in connection with the arrival. Many leaders responded as if their party got salvation with the arrival.

But, why this arrival matters? To those who do not see the Congress politics beyond the four wall of Nehru heritage, it matters. To others, does that really matter?

The answer is only relevant if the category of others outnumbers the former. It is assumed that the modern generation of the congress is with the latter. If it is so, they do feel happiness about the arrival, but not see it as a solution to all the problems of their party.

It is important not to forget that it is the disinterest of the old generation of the grand old party to expand its leadership base beyond the four wall of the Nehru family that has pushed the party to the pit of miseries in which the party is in now.

It is up to the young congressmen to decide how sensible it is to do that mistake again. If the congress escapes from its elite culture, and takes up genuine issues of the poor and marginalised, it can win back all those it has lost. To those who can digest the aforesaid fact, it does not matter who arrives or who departs.


Vignesh. S. G

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