Former JNUSU leader Kanhaiya Kumar to contest for LS from Bihar with Lalu’s support

As per those who view the politics of intolerance exercised by the rightist regime through an optimistic glass, the biggest gift the present regime has given is the long list of young secular leaders. Kanhaiya Kumar is definitely the most prominent name in this list.

What is heard about this young leader is both joyful and fearful at a time. The latest media report that the leftist leader will be given a Lok Sabha seat in the upcoming general election is worth joyful. As per the report, he will contest from Begusarai, the constituency in which his family live.

The other part of the media report is what that generates the felling of fearfulness. According to that report, Mr Kumar will be a part of the coalition led by the RJD. In that sense, his victory will be indirectly presumed as the victory of a party, which is badly tainted by the social evil of corruption.

What message the leftist leader, who is widely celebrated as ‘David’ of ‘Goliaths’ such as communalism, fascism, fundamental nationalism and the politics of intolerance, gives by joining hands with a dangerous ‘Goliath’ against another equally disastrous ‘Goliath’?

Has the red stallion sacrificed his revolutionary fire at the altar of the electoral politics, where the leaders, like Lalu, naturally enjoy more acceptances, to earn the blessings of fame, power and financial security?


Vignesh. S. G

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