Former US marine Paul Whelan claims set-up in Russia spy case


Paul Whelan, the Former US marine, who was accused in Russia for spy works has said he is not a spy and that he was set up by a Russian friend.

Whelan (48), who is also a citizen of the UK, Canada and Ireland has said to the media that a friend had planted a hard drive on him without his knowledge.

Paul Whelan said, “A person turned up at my [hotel] room and put something in my pocket, then I was arrested”.

The Moscow court has denied his appeal against detention. Whelan was caught “red-handed” with state secrets last year, says the prosecutors.

The investigations came to an end now and the lawyers of Whelan have begun studying the evidence. Since this is an espionage case, all the information is classified.

The US ambassador in Moscow asked Russia to stop “playing games” with the case.

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