France and Italy to set up EU asylum processing centres in Africa

In a bid to help those seeking asylum in Europe, France and Italy is planning to set up European Union asylum processing centres in those African nations form where a considerable number of people flee to Europe in search of asylum.

Yearly, tens of thousands of Africans reach Europe in search of asylum. Most migrants face serious human right abuses en route to Europe. Unfortunately, many of the asylum seekers are sent back their home country, citing that they have no legitimate right to seek asylum in Europe.

Recently, an International human rights organisation Oxfam International has exposed how the authorities operating in the European countries manipulates the documents presented by the migrants while seeking asylum to deny their legitimate right to stay in the European or in the country for which the authorities work.

Actually, it is totally unfair to deny asylum to those people who reach Europe overcoming the miseries hidden en route to the land of prosperity.

It is believed that the move to open the asylum processing centres in the African countries would eliminate the risk factor associated with the ‘journey to get an asylum in Europe’. In long run, it may eliminate the human trafficking networks operating near the European borders and discourage the people from taking high risk to reach Europe.


Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright