France crisis: President succeeds to cool down protesters with impressive offers

France President Emanuel Macron has succeeded to cool down protesters with impressive offers such as wage hike and tax exception.

The country has been witnessing violent protest for last few days. Most of the protesters are angry with the issue of raising living cost. Actually, it is the fuel price hike that has pushed the living cost towards the peak.

In a televised address, the French Supremo has asserted that his government would increase the minimum wage of workers by at least seven per cent. He added that his government would revoke the proposed tax on low income pensioners. As per his statement, the overtime wage will no longer be taxed, and the employers will also be encouraged to pay tax-free bonus to their workers.

Importantly, during the televised address, for the first time, the President has admitted that the protesters’ grievances were genuine.

Earlier, he severely condemned the protests, and even tried to portray it as a politically motivated action.

Unfortunately, even now, the President has hesitated to reinstate the tax on wealthy on the ground that it would hurt the country’s prosperity.

So far, no protest leader has openly welcomed the move. Anyway, many protesters have unofficially welcomed the statement partially.


Vignesh. S. G

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